Enemy Soldier

October 6, 2010
Lost and dying.
Everything is dark
No one is around
Eternal pain and suffering
The distant sound of gunfire
How long this will last
How many died
How many to die
In this desolate battlefield .
All that is heard,
Is the moaning,
And the suffering of wounded soldiers.
Laying there dead and dying.
Looking down,
All to be seen,
Is a bloody uniform,
a rifle on the brown soil;
loaded in case of enemy soldiers.
The sky is dark,
The ground is cold,
The pain is great.
The days are old.
Wanting to die
But just wouldn’t go.
Eyes start blackening,
Knowing that the end is near
Watery eyes
Staring to tear
Say goodbye
To every dear.
Alas, the pain has grown
Just lay in agony
Hearing footsteps coming closer
All to do
Is lay and wait
hope tis’ your man
Knowing that he’s here
Just staying out of sight
Paralyzed from pain
Not able to move
Getting colder
That it’s an enemy soldier

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