Once upon a lie

October 6, 2010
By Minnimouse SILVER, Elizabeth, Colorado
Minnimouse SILVER, Elizabeth, Colorado
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It was a happily ever after
As far as I could tell
The deepest bond that came to life
Rang truer than a bell
Our love grew strong
As time flew on
My time I spent
All wrapped and bent
In the comfort of his arms-
A love that use to be so pure
That came to be my loneliness cure.

It was a happily ever after
Until I saw the lie
Creating a new disaster
With all the tears I cry
The fights got worse
An unbreakable curse
Our love was soiled
My heart was boiled
In the sickening stew of hate-
Hate with no reason or rhyme
Ruining my once upon a time.

I loved and lost
Remembered, despaired
I paid the cost
And didn’t care
My heart wept
I never slept
My thoughts of him
Were never dim
And until today
I never knew
His heart was black
It’s very true

Today I’m healed
I wish him best
I pray as I kneel
He’ll pass the test
The test of life
Each question our strife
The ending score to tell
Weather its heaven or hell
A secret smile
Plays on my lips
To see his ending trial

So good luck
Cody dear
Your life amuck
Shed a tear
Your girl you’ll f---
She’ll leave you lonely
When she finds you out
You’ll suffer like me
You’ll have to agree
Here you come
Come running back
And I’ll just say
You had your chance babe

From: A girl with a vengeance problem

The author's comments:
It's a true story

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