My Everything

October 6, 2010
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Is it better to live your whole life blind,
Than to open your eyes to the truth that we hide,
And try to forget the emotional tie,
that connects the memories disguised,
I'm falling through the air without you,
With no resistance I'm trying to come through,
It's hard to stand without my best friend,
It's hard to breath without my reason,
You were my whole life,
Before you was another lie,
You were the perfect one for me,
But now your just a memory,
And I'm still hoping this is all a dream,
And I'll wake up and your the first thing I see,
Everyday feels like the last when you can't take no more,
With every lonely heart beat it cries with remorse,
In over my head with the fear to drown,
On the building ledge looking down,
It's hard to carry on to put up and to bring,
Left with nothing because you are my everything.

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