Asleep at Last

October 8, 2010
By SoundTechie BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
SoundTechie BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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"In the Theater the audience wants to be surprised, but by things that they expect."- Tristan Benard

I'm so tired right now
But sleep won't come to me
Daydreams that used to lul me to sleep keep me up now
My mind wanting to know what happens next
Instead of getting drowsy
An yet, I am getting used to it
My friends have started to hate me
But the hurt in their eyes wakes me up to see the day
My parents don't understand me
Do I even want them to?
I'm so confused about everything
Confused about my very being
Ah, now I'm getting drowsy
The feeling is so new
Kind of like how someone would feel if an alien had access to their bodies
I'm sure thats how it would feel to you
Like how it feels to me
Alientnation in the wierdest of ways
My words are blurring now
Can you still read my chicken scratch?
Oh, sorry. I forgot
Your reading my type
I'm typing

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