October 9, 2010
By Megsaroonies BRONZE, Riverview, Other
Megsaroonies BRONZE, Riverview, Other
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I am your best friend yet
Your worst enemy.
You never know when I will strike.
I bring fear to your heart as
Your friends turn their backs.
Whisper. Giggle. Point.

I am the voice inside your head
Screaming at you
“Why, why?”
As tears fall from your eyes
While you lay in bed at night.
Every day you fake a smile,
Their words wounding your soul.
Cutting. Stabbing. Bleeding.

You can’t speak yet
Your mind races.
You think you will never talk again.
I scream at you silently as
Your world slowly turns to gray.
Falling. Fading. Crying.

The author's comments:
To make a long story short, this is something I wrote not long after I was bullied all through eighth grade. I wrote it in November '09 (ninth grade) one day while remembering what happened.

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