Our Fears

October 6, 2010
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We all fall down
and hit the ground
every now and then

Even if it's hard to say it
to those we trust
what is truly bringing us down
and scared of they will say in return

but fear not because true friends
will not judge you
they will listen to your story
no matter how bad it is
and give the best advice they can

Fear is dreadful
Fear is painful
and the worst of all emotions
but remember, we have nothing to fear but fear itself

Fear creeps in at the worst moments of life
but unfortunately we have to overcome them
Every person has one, no one can deny it

Fear is the worst emotion
that every man, woman and child
have embraced

It's why people don't like public speaking
It's why people are afraid of
heights and so many other things
and we're more scared of it than death

Sometimes we bury our fears
deep in our hearts
letting it consume our mind
and soul that it becomes a part of us

So the next time you try burying that thought inside of
find some way to get it out
How can anyone help you if you don't tell or express it?
Express it in a painting, on paper something!
Some way to get it out
and always remember
"We have nothing to fear but fear itself"
even though it's hard to stop worrying

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