My Sunshine

October 6, 2010
The sun is the root of all existence
It warms our planet with its light
It brings life to all the
Plants and animals that share this world
Without it we will all perish

Like the sun you give me life
You bring meaning into my dull existence
You warm me with your touch everyday
You breathe life into me with
Your sweet kisses
You are my light
You are my sunshine
Without you, my world doesn’t exist

Breaking through the clouds of my depression
Your light wakes me up from an endless nightmare
I look upon your beautiful face
Staring into your mesmerizing eyes
I finally feel at peace
I’ve finally found my place in the world
My place is right here beside you
Without you, my life has no meaning

Only you can make me feel this way
I’ve found happiness with you beside me
I’ve found peace and love as I hold you close
We belong together you and me
Only together can I feel this way
I hope to God that we’ll be here forever
Because you are all I’ve ever wanted
Without, you I can’t go on

Even though I’ve finally found peace
There’s still that fear, my greatest fear…
The fear that I’ll lose you someday
I can’t even imagine a second without you
How can I even survive a day?
Every time the thought creeps into my head
I’m nearly killed by it
Without you, I have no life

You are my everything, my sweet
You are my light, my love
You are my shining star that gives me life
You are the reason I’m alive
How can you expect me to live without you?
I would have no meaning without you
I don’t want to live without my light
Without you I wouldn’t survive the night

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