"Fake a smile"

October 6, 2010
If you don't want me just let me go, All you have to do is tell me no, Instead I'm lying here in my bed, Wondering"do you love me" in my head, I cant find an answer true, Of what i really mean to you, All i know is i love you, And all i hope is you love me to, I don't think I'll ever know, But i cant let it show, So fake a smile make it last, Because it doesn't matter the cast, Life's a show for all to see, And they're always judging me, Even when they push me to the brink, All i can do is think"I love you",So fake a smile make it last, Just pretend your life's a blast, At the end of the show i hope it can be, A special encore with just you and me...

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