A Taste Of Her Life.

October 6, 2010
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She goes to school and listen to rich girls complain and say "omg i broke a nail". Then go to the bathroom to get a break only to find that once again "that" girl is crying in the bathroom AGAIN because her boyfriend broke up with her. Then return to class only to see a pop quiz sitting on her desk on stuff she knows nothing about. The next thing she knows its lunch and now its time to listen to her so called friends complain about how their lives aren't perfect. And how they like a guy but don't think they are pretty enough or skinny enough to even get the guys attention even though they know they are beautiful and wear a size one. And then finally its off to her one time of day when she has PEACE but then before she know it its over and now she must go to class with her clingy best friend and this guy she used to like but her big mouth best friend ruined any chance of a relationship there. She knows she meant well but she should have talked to her first. But anyways its time to go home, which is supposed to be the time of the day she gets to relax. But before she opens the door she can feel the stress and anger about to explode. So she takes a deep breath open the door and endures the impact. After all that is somewhat done a friend comes over only to add to her stress by complaining about nothing, she puts a smile on her face, but she wishes that friend would just get a clue. But they don't and she just listens, while hoping that the cute guy across the street will come over and say hi just so she can have a real smile on her face. But that doesn't happen so she goes to bed trying not to cry because she knows when she wakes up the stress just starts all over again.

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