Hiding Me

October 5, 2010
By heatherLynn BRONZE, Lenoir City, Tennessee
heatherLynn BRONZE, Lenoir City, Tennessee
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Something is worth nothing without fighting for it.

no one knows the things she has seen
none knows about the things she has to hide
all of her emotions inside
she tries to be strong
but everything is right when it's wrong
no one even dares to speak to her
no one to even be near to her
almost everyone fears her
she just wants them to like her
for who she is and not run away like little kids
she loves, she cares, and she tries
but it's never good enough inside
she still has to hide
hide all of her inside
if they find out whom she truly is
they might as well lay her in her tomb
everything she touches is domed
everything she tries to be
is just so they can see
all the pain they have cause me..

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