Here We Go Again

October 5, 2010
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Here we go again, another fight, another piece of my heart broken. And what is it over this time, the same as the last. You do what you want, you leave me alone. But what is this, here on the floor, could it be me? You said "time together", now what is it now? "Time apart?" Who are you, you are not the same. I thought you wanted to be with me, for now and ever.. I thought that we would make everything that is wrong go right. Was I misleading to you, when everything I say is true? Do we need space, do we need time alone? Love, I thought, Broken I am, Falling apart, we are. You are not the one I once knew, I never wanted you out of my view. But now, I don't even want to think of you. This is not how I wanted to remember you and I, all I seem to is cry. When we are together we are great, when we are apart, nothing but misery. I sit and wonder if I even mean anything to you anymore. I wonder if you love me the way you used to. I wonder if what you have said to me was ever true.

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