Carry on

October 5, 2010
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There is a place inside my head where everything is wrong but right, feels good but causes pain, makes absolute sense but is entirely wrong. I love it and hate it all the same yet there will never be a way to change it and i am content with that therefore im content with life. At the same time I wish i could change the people in my life to understand the things that i do and i do not feel that this is a maturity thing i feel it will only come when your able to be at peace with whats been done to you and what you have done to others. When you realize that were all humans and in one way or another we are alike whether our problems may be big or in our minds small they do exist and are still obstacles and some of us are strong enough to move forward and not forget, but accept what is meant to be, you can change the path of your life, it is not simple but it is possible. Yet we let our ignorance get the best of us as we watch others fall and allow there spirituality and future fade to nothing, but dreams and could have beens but you cannot help the unwilling. You can only give hope through song, dance, literature, and it becomes there choice in the end. Do they take it, or whither away into endless distruction? That question forever will be unknown, people part ways going on in life wondering where others paths have taken them.where they are taking themselfs and if it was right or worth it. The blood, heart, and mind that was put into everything that they have ever done. Dont let life pass you, let it grasp you and carry you into memories of tomorrow. Whether it is painful or joyus. It makes you the person your supposed to be a person that was able to make a change in the lives around you, even a small one. We have no choice we need to carry on, we need to become immortal in the hearts, and minds of others. Make your statement and carry on a legacy of your own.

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