Green Eyes

October 5, 2010
Her skin white as snow
Ice cold to the touch
Lids are shut
Green eyes never to be seen again
Light showers upon her lifeless face
Through the open casket
The women’s tears form
Small puddles on the floor

A young man sits in
The second row next to the aisle
He’s not listening to the man
In front holding the Bible
Words lost somewhere in the air
He just sits there
He head tilted down
Staring into empty hands
Trying so hard to remember
How her hand felt in his
Trying to remember the softness
Of fingers entwined perfectly

The man with the Bible finishes
Everyone starts to leave
The men comforting the women
The young man is shocked
Back to life by the sudden movement
He stands up and walks out
The door with the rest

The walk to the cemetery is short
The weather is perfect with blue skies
The kind of day she loved
“How can the sun shine when she’s gone?”
The young man thinks to himself

Everyone arrives at the cemetery
Her casket lies in front
Of a hole freshly dug
The man with the Bible
Begins to speak again
Tears fall onto grass this time

The young man stands across from
The family who lost
Their beloved daughter
He keeps his head down
Unable to look them in the eye
He closes his trying to see
Her green eyes

The night before she took
Her last breath
Was the last time he stared
Into that beautiful green

They lower the casket into darkness
And begin to fill it with earth
Every one starts to leave
The young man where he is
Paralyzed, unable to move

Hours pass as clouds roll in
Night has taken over
The young man finally falls to his knees
Rivers pour down his cheeks
He weeps for what seems like years
The sky begins to shed tears with him

His watch beeps and he looks down
11:00 flashes in the dark
In his mind her replays
His final hour with her
Her body lying in her arms
Their lips locked in an endless kiss
They pull apart to breath
Her taste still fresh on his lips

He stares into green eyes
He works up the courage to say
Those three sacred words
He opens his mouth and the words
Roll off his tongue like it
Was meant to be

She smiles her gorgeous smile
And kisses him
She pulls away and whispers
The same three words back
He breaks into a wide grin
And their lips meet again

The alarm goes off again
Waking him from his dream
The face of the watch says 11:09
He walks to her tombstone
Glides his fingers over
Her name carved in stone
Never to be erased
He whispers the sacred words
For only the second time

He pulls out something dark and heavy
Out of his jacket pocket
He kneels before her grave
Putting the metallic object to his head
He whispers the three words one last time
Thinking about her green eyes

As the clock turns 11:11
A lightless thunder is heard

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