Chaotic, Crazy, and Weird, but Free

September 28, 2010
I didn't know the wound could be healed.
I didn't know there was a band-aid big enough to cover the gash that was open and bleeding.
It was too much to handle, but he took it on without complaining.
He said pretty and perfect...I hid the wound well.
I can't help but let those butterflies fly free in the open space that is my heart.
Letting the flowers and trees grow, and the constant tickle from the whisper of the wind.
The sun has melted the cold ice that was a sheet over the lake.
Beautiful music is playing on an acoustic guitar. The music notes floating through the air and dancing with the animals that have traveled to the glorious place.
And what place could that be, you ask? Why the only place where anything of this sort could happen in this instant chaotic way. It's love. Where everything can be chaotic, crazy, and weird, but free.

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