Back to Reality

September 26, 2010
By bookworm24 BRONZE, Boca Raton, Florida
bookworm24 BRONZE, Boca Raton, Florida
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Believe in yourself.

A million of crumbling pictures
Pass me on the way to the wooden door
An empty cage lays before me
Next thing I know, I see trees
The clear, blue, open sky shields the Earth
The smell of grass fills me in
My jacket protects me from a light breeze
Underneath, my shirt feels like my outermost layer
My hair is blown away
On my arm I hold my bird as I say my last words
Tears gradually pass through my cheeks
She flies away to the top
A feather falls from above, as if a last memory
I pick up my glider and fly away too
I soar over mountains, their peaks white of snow
Real life collides with me
I open my eyes and a waterfall blends in with its surroundings
A river flows from its mouth
Flowers bloom to fill the open spaces
A bull is ferociously running
A boy stands, amazement filling his eyes
Next to him, a dog is mirrored image
The air takes me again
A hill sprouts from a flat ground
A series of plateaus grow as I get closer
Sand lays over the ground
An arch bridge connects me to my wonder

A canyon caves in as if scared of the ground that is breaking apart
Water runs through it
Every drop giving it life
The chilled fog blinds my eyes
The sun takes a peak through it
I am still following my bird, its beak hanging in front
My face is chilled by the sudden gush of wind
I hold on to the metal that secures my life
My hand loses its grasp
I fall into a million trees that, from afar look like bushes
I open my eyes again and the sunset covers me like a blanket
I see a house and a porch
All bringing me back to reality

The author's comments:
I love how you cna write about anything and it still has a meaning. This poem is an example of that.

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