September 27, 2010
I can’t deny that I miss you
Can’t say I don’t care
But when it comes down to it
I won’t be there.
You faked me out,
And yet I still miss the feeling I got
Laying late at night by your side
No one would have thought
We would end up this way.
I want to say it isn’t true,
To deny it all,
I still can’t believe
That you would let me fall.
I gave you my love, my everything,
We had it all.
What made you give it up?
Was it something that I did?
The way I wore my clothes?
Something that I said?
I loved you with everything in me,
Cared about you more than I did myself,
Now all of my memories
Lay dusty on this shelf.
Looking back through the pictures,
The cards and the laughs,
I miss all of the good times,
Everything we had.
What happened to that cool October night?
Lying in the grass by your side,
Looking up into the starry night,
Thinking that nothing could be so perfect.
Remember the night,
I held you tight?
I rubbed my hand up and down your back,
You fell asleep,
I laid beside you and whispered in your ear,
Told you all my deepest secrets,
Exactly how I felt.
I kissed your cheek as you smiled in your sleep,
Telling you how I’d never leave.
I miss that.
I miss the good times we had together.
I miss the way you held me during the stormy weather.
I miss the way you kissed me,
I miss the way you laughed,
I miss the way you twirled my hair,
And the way you’d kiss my shoulders and my back,
As I’d sit on your lap.
We’d sit close together,
Never wanting to get up.
But just sitting entwined,
Was never enough.
That’s why it ended,
That’s why I’m gone.
That’s why I’m missing you.
Just wish I’d stay strong.

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