September 27, 2010
By tina.joanne SILVER, Califon, New Jersey
tina.joanne SILVER, Califon, New Jersey
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Maybe if I close my eyes it all will go away
And I’ll come back some other place on some other day
Some place where people love and sometimes even care
Where sky is bright all day and night, that’s where I’ll walk on air
But that’s not how the world works, and it has never been
The world’s just a free-for-all for women, children, men
Here, crimes will go unpunished, good deeds will turn to bad
Not just taking from a baby—also all its parents have
Men may beat their women, young may steal from old
Advantages are taken, there’s no such thing as “bold”
The biggest kid gets lunch money, the others just don’t eat
It’s survival of the fittest and someone must be beat.

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