Fallen Values

September 13, 2010
By DJSmollz BRONZE, Youngstown, Ohio
DJSmollz BRONZE, Youngstown, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Remember not with your mind, but with your heart the ones that have passed on. Because guilt comes from one's mind not from their heart."

What I don’t understand?
Is why the girl, with the pearl,
With it on her hand, why doesn’t she demand?
The man of all man,
She is beauty for the wise,
Beauty detected not only by the eyes,
Bewildered I look,
As so easily it was took,
For granted,
Almost disenchanted.

Now she lives the life,
Of the broken trophy wife,
She can only stop and stare,
The house, it wasn't always so bare.
She looks through the house,
For her once loving spouse,
And she goes around creeping,
She sees her man sleeping.
Wait she sees his can,
The addiction of her man.

Oh she runs and she cries,
She tells her goodbyes.
She left him today,
To go find some ray, of hope in her life.
But she remembers the wife,
She promised to be,
And she goes back to he.
Her stomach it turned,
She knows she’ll get burned.

She walks through the door,
With the call of “you w****.”
She then felt a hit,
And then some of his spit.
Of the man she says she “loves,”
As she waits for the doves.
To take the buzz away,
But it took to long today,
This time she’s done,
This time she’ll run.

As she bleeds on the floor,
She crawls to the door,
To get to the neighbors.
Oh what a labor.
With so much pain adorned,
She gets to the phone she pleaded and warned.
Of the pain that she has gone,
From every morning’s dawn.
From the day of her marriage,
And her hated miscarriage.

The took him away,
Today of all days.
What an anniversary,
She is still cursory.
She wants to scream,
It feels like a dream.
She goes to the jail,
Not to post bail.
But to see her devil,
Her face in revel.

What she may never understand,
Is why she was in demand.
But a million other guys,
With starts in their eyes.
Are the ones you don’t see,
The guys who look like me.
But the saddest fact,
Is I wouldn’t act.

The author's comments:
It is suppossed to be satirical. I didn't write it because it has happened to someone I know but rather as to show what it does and that if this ever happens to anyone you need to go to the police. Don't be afraid they will protect you.

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