September 19, 2010
By Phia10 GOLD, Seattle, Washington
Phia10 GOLD, Seattle, Washington
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They part,
she goes one way,
he another,
the stranger and her collide,
"Oh, sorry!"
The exchange lasts a second,
not significant in anyway
but to him it is crucial,
he watches,
walks away,
changes his mind,
walks back,
kisses her.
reinforcing himself.
making sure he is the last thing that is being thought of,

jealousy is his flaw,
he cannot be happy
with the idea that she is in love with him,
he can only be happy with the idea that she is his,
that he is what she thinks about,
and any other man is an impostor,
an enemy,

They kiss,
her smiling,
not seeing what I see,
the jealousy in his eyes,
the need for reinforcement,
thinking he wants more time.
They part,
he turns,
walks a few steps,
pauses for half a second,
you can see the satisfaction on the mans face.
He is pleased,
He is stronger,
He has more control,
She is his,
He is in control,
His jealousy is succumbed,
He is an asshole.

The author's comments:
One day I was waiting for a ride, and I saw this was the weirdest thing.

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