Hazel Eyes

September 19, 2010
You don't see me but i see you
Over there a time or two
looking back, eyes aglazed
Your beauty eyes wonder in a blur of a daze

You don't see me, I'm in disguise
Camouflaged by my hazel eyes
You look at my face but you don't really see
Cause those hazel eyes are not really me

Your pretty eyes a fair, deep blue
Only show yourself, and what is undoubtedly true
they are clear and pure, unlike a lie
different from me who let my innocent eyes die

My two own eyes once a deep chestnut brown
Clouded with life that let my hopes be set down
As color soaked in and lies overtook true
my eyes took shade my pureness gone too

your beautiful eyes pushed me ahead
but not even your pureness could bring back the dead
so set me down, for i am deceased
let me sleep, and rest in peace

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