let the rain fall down

September 15, 2010
By smallfry GOLD, Eagan, Minnesota
smallfry GOLD, Eagan, Minnesota
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Rain echos off the window
As I sit here and think
Everything seems to be so wrong
And the rain just helps me know
Helps me know that nothing is right
My faith is gone
My heart beaten and broken
I cry out screams that are never heard
The rain brings the darkness
The darkness shows me its all true
There is nothing out there
I reach for a helping hand
But feel nothing in this world
I feel so lost
Wondering looking searching not finding
I’m nothing to this world
A disappointment is all I’ll ever be
I try to do whats right
I try to make you all so very proud
I push myself beyond my limits
I cry myself to sleep so many nights
Tears stain my pillow case
I don’t know were else to turn
Im so afraid that this life is nothing
That I am worth nothing at all
I try to make myself important
But I know deep down I’m not
I let them all walk all over me
Cuz then I know someone needs me
That’s all I want in this world
I want to be needed and wanted
I want to be cared for
I want to be able to love with no regret
But that will never happen
I sit here listening to the rain echo off the window
I wonder if I’ll ever mean anything
I want to love but I know I cant
I want to feel feelings but I cant
I let the rain drain out my thoughts
The echo of the rain over powers the sound of my cries
Maybe I’ll try one more time
But what if I fail
I guess that’s something I have to think about
So for now let the rain fall down on me
Let it capture me
Let me become part of the rain
Let me be needed

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on Jun. 29 2011 at 11:02 pm
F0rgtt3nDr34m5, Holland, Michigan
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I love this!! i can totally relate to it.

Its awesome. keep it up!

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