I Swear, Mom

September 13, 2010
By Anonymous

they were throwing flower petals like confetti
I swear, mom
they made the wind blow
through my hair; made it look like I walked
into a hurricane
the music was loud, that’s why I’m
not listening
it’s the buzzing in my ears
not anything else

not thoughts of her in her pretty dress
her hand in my hair
our bodies moving in time to some
heavy downbeats
repetitive mumblings
the words
have something to do
with sex

I swear
I don’t remember
um maybe

mind blank like white paper.
word processor.
stalled writing,
over ages.
over minutes.
over time.

the reason I’m missing an earring is simple
It was hurting a bit so I put it in my purse, but it must have
I’m smiling because I’m happy
since when
do I not have
the right to be happy?

it was fun, that’s all
all and nothing else
I swear, mom

The author's comments:
This piece was an expression of the flood of emotions I experienced after coming home at 1 am after taking my girlfriend to prom. I didn't want to tell my mom who I had been with or how transformational the experience was. I was struck by how everyone at my public high school had been accepting of the two girls dancing and kissing in public.

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