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September 11, 2010
By Jfulton360 SILVER, Ben Lomond, California
Jfulton360 SILVER, Ben Lomond, California
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"Some times the Hardest things and the Right things are the same"- the Fray

I used to live in a house that had an old wooden fence in the back yard. One day the owners decided to build a new fence, and behind it I saw, tied to a pole, with no shade, the food and water barely out of its reach, a giant Husky. He was left there every day, in the hot weather with no one else around, and he howled every morning and night. This made me sad, because no matter how much I wanted to help him, I couldn’t. It was like going to the Animal Shelter, knowing that I could only save one animal, but having to see all the rest of the animals that needed help. I would become overwhelmed with sadness, knowing that I couldn’t relieve all the fear that they expressed while sitting in their cages. Commercials like the SPCA’s are horrible for me to watch because they show animals with only one eye, missing one or two legs, or missing an ear or their tail. When I see animals that have been neglected or abused in any way, I become emotional. This would include the animals we use for our food.
I doubt that I could ever eat an animal that has been tormented, and abused. I likely have, but as long as I am unaware of the lack of nourishment it has had, I can manage to swallow down the torture it has gone through. It’s not that I condone turning a blind eye, it’s that all of us who have consumed meat have at one time or another done it. I believe there should be dignity in all life, even the life that we use for food. Free-range allows animals that are for consumption, that dignity of life. Why would anyone want to eat something that had been poorly treated before it died? Whether their lives were humane or one of abuse, the final result is the same, death. So the only true measure of dignity, is how they lived that life.
I believe that Earth and all of Her creatures should be treated with respect and reverence. From our furry friends at home, to that turkey at Thanksgiving dinner, we as humans need to take responsibility of that stewardship. Whether domestic or commercial, perfect or defective, all animals deserve a peaceful and nurturing existence. Those people who harm defenseless animals, just for fun or profit, need to take into consideration the impact of their actions. For me, this is what I believe, I believe in speaking up for the creatures of the earth who are unable to speak up for themselves.

The author's comments:
I had to do an English assignment about what MY beliefs are in life, and I wrote about my beliefs on animals

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