Oh My Liar

September 14, 2010
Oh my, Liar..
You are so good lying.
I give you credit for that.
You lie right to my face.
And even behind my back.

Oh no, Liar..
How do people believe your lies?
Do you have any feelings at all?
Now, thanks to you,
I'm hitting my head against the wall.

Hey there Liar..
Do you enjoy being a liar?
Tearing people apart with a lie?
To think I actually trusted you.
If you were worth it, I would cry.

Liar, liar, lair..
It's okay that you lied to me.
I'm pulling my way through.
Trusting you is in the past.
Hey lair, I've found someone new.

Oh my, dear Liar..
Stop your stupid, childish lying.
It's getting you no where still.
I don't have to take it anymore.
But your lies, they forever kill.

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