Brighter day some day

September 25, 2010
It's pouring where I live.
The rain never goeas away.
I'm hurting over here, and
i can't erase the pain.

Fear has awaken me.

But my God has taken me.

I don't know why the caged bird sings

But i do know why the freedom bell

I can tell you everything that has happened in my past, and all the things I want to happen in my future.

I can tell you my dreams and ambitions, and most importantly my main mission.

No this isn't one of those sad poems, its the truth.

One day I'm going to dodge and hit balls like Babe Ruthe

I won't be sad forever.
I will become stronger.
We can become stronger together.

One day the rain will stop pouring and the sun will come out of it's hiding place.

It's going to be a brighter day some day.

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