Life is then you die

September 24, 2010
By WeeksElizabeth2014 SILVER, Potosi, Missouri
WeeksElizabeth2014 SILVER, Potosi, Missouri
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Friendship is like peeing on yourself. Everyone can see it but only you get the warm feeling that it brings

You live and you die, Thats just life.
I take my hurt and I let it all stay somewhere deep within me.
Pain isn't there just a numbing subside.
I turn and I turn and try to walk away yet I get no where but to the same place everyday.
I can't seem to find the people who say that care.
Who lie to me and say they are truely there.
Forgetting isn't something that comes easily, yet I wash away these memories.
The sun and moon have no effect I can't get happy no matter the time.
Maybe thats my fault.
And my heart is just blind.
Life gives what it takes and to me it is nothing,
You live and you die no matter the way.
Someday I am going and that might be today.
life is a chapter written in pen you can't erase anything just try to make it fit in.
So when you have left this world of games
Just remember all life is is pain

The author's comments:
MAny times i get depressed and just write this was one of those times

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