The meaning of Contused;

September 24, 2010
By Mz.Bryennie BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
Mz.Bryennie BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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uqh! you annoy me but ilove you

You’ve been around for my many years
You’ve loved me since birth
I’ve seen you like my brother
I’ve seen you like a friend
You’ve been so close to me.

But sadly not to the end
You use to be a homie
Then lover/friend
I thought maybe I shouldn’t let you in
You’ve been so close why ruin it
For our friendship was beginning to blossom
Have potential and meaning
But you had to pretend.

Pretend to love me
Act as if you wanted to conserve me
Keep me gathered, in your arms forever
But you soon turnt and left me
Out in the open your very meaning of love
Was nothing but a desire
To take me and throw me away.

I kept on believing I could do it
Inside I was pained,
To strong to show it
I was hurt,
To soothed to believe it
I was torn but,
To certain to feel it

So you see contuse is how you left me
But I refuse for it to shame me
I kept myself fancied and polished on the outside
But you cut my heart on the inside
You left me with many problems to cope with
But never will they reach the brim of my outer skin
People see me everyday with a smile on my face
But you know my biography

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