September 24, 2010
By Gabie BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Gabie BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Just Their Luck

“So, it’s settled,” asked the man.

“Yeah, heads we get married,”

“Tails we split,” finished the man.

This was the moment of truth, one man and one woman, driven by luck. The whole night they let slip to chance. By chance they bumped into each other. By chance they bet on the same horse. By chance they went to the same hotel.

They let the night whisk them away to a land of fortune. And now, they could possibly make the greatest mistake of their lives.

But, that’s not where the story begins.

She was supposed to be in Hawaii, enjoying what would’ve been her third anniversary. Instead, she was in Oakland, filing divorce papers. Of all the men in the world she had the misfortune in finding the biggest cheater of them all. The night she left him, she caught him in bed with the neighbor’s wife. Instead of asking forgiveness, he demanded to know why she was not at work. Trying to clear her mind, and forget the betrayal, she went to the tracks.

He on the other hand, was just fired. The biggest account of the decade, the one he brought in, meant nothing to the sharks at the top. He was “let go.” In order to get his mind off this personal theft of glory and pride, he went to the tracks.

Walking down the stairs,

Walking to her seat,

Tripping over his shoelaces…
They crashed, and then they went on to win more than they could ever imagine.

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