Bleak Midwinter

September 23, 2010
My eyes slowly open
Three a.m.
White silence filling my room
Gray ashes rain down outside
-The sign that my world is ending-
The feeling of someone watching me fills the air
My heart calmly pounds
My body coldly shivers
Blood lust takes over
My bleak midwinter turns red
I wander out into the cold snow, barefoot
My wide eyes peering around
Looking up to see a broken sky
Blue light caresses my cheeks
And presses its warmth against my skin
Something whispers
I break into reality, glass falling around me
Silently I fear the blood
And the water outside
My window welcomes the morning
But pushes me away ever so softly
A canine bark
A pierced throat
All in the dream of a bleak midwinter

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