Tear Drenched Death

September 12, 2010
By CHYLAH SILVER, Poteet, Texas
CHYLAH SILVER, Poteet, Texas
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Four walls built not to keep people out but to keep me in

Can’t risk the pain

Can’t risk the loss

I push you away and play with his heart

Alone and lost in myself enforced prison I wait and wait for the walls to come down

He forces the door open and you watch from afar

He hates what he finds and leaves me broken in a pool of my own tears

I pull on the doors and as they close I watch your eyes long to help me but you don’t

As the doors close and lock

Still crying it fills to my ankles and I fall to my knees

The waters rise and my clothes are drenched

I can’t stop and I begin to drowned

Brick by brick my world falls

The water rushes out and I see it all from above

My cold tear drenched body

You run to my rescue but it’s too late

Lying over my limp body you cry

Watching this seen my heart brakes

I close my eyes and awake in my cell seeing all that is coming

I shove at the bricks they tumble to the ground and I run into your arms safe from myself and alive again

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