September 22, 2010
By TheWalrus147 BRONZE, Carlow, Other
TheWalrus147 BRONZE, Carlow, Other
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I have to say
That I am so elated with joy
I am wound like a toy

By the hands of ignorant prosperity.
It is I who Feels
Yet I who kneels.
Like a horrible flu

I shall cling to you.
I dream.
I Live. I Live. I Live.
I Pass time but I only live.

I want to say
That my heart has desired
Yet my soul grows tired

Of nonsensical compulsory "love".
It is I who dreams
But not I who means

A single flicker of thought to
Those Lions.
Those Mice.
I Hope. I Hope. I Hope.
I waste time but only dream.

Oh Dream,
My place, My life, My soul.
I feel thee.
I am thee.
You are home.

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