The Hurt Of Your Own Self Being

September 21, 2010
By Anonymous

I've broken my back in all the right places
Faced all the wrong faces
Ran all the wrong races
Sometimes I just don't know
So tired, sleep deprived, worked out of breath
Out of life…
This seeping hurt still pulses into my heart,
Clogs my arteries until my blood flows backwards

On a day like today; what fun we had
Now that it's over, my braces are burned
Tables are turned
Sorrow has returned
Distilled venom churned

Sometimes I can trace back its roots
And sometimes it's random; just a feeling.
I hate my stupid existence
I wish I could just throw it all away
Abused feeling ask me to stay
Saved lives but what does that matter now,
I've ruined them too…

There's no anti-venom for this bite
The poison will spread and rot away my flesh
I hope you'll understand
The words I write are all the same to you now
Nothing new, same old tale of heartache and hurt,
Talking my heart out to the dirt
If it's suffering you wanted, it's suffering you'll get.
You've got
And now I'm triggered
Back down
Into my state of whirl-pooled hurt
Being strangled alive by you

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