After The Rain

September 21, 2010
By bringkaelathehorizon SILVER, Clay City, Illinois
bringkaelathehorizon SILVER, Clay City, Illinois
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After the rain,
it's chilly.
It's so deadly quiet
the whole world seems to be holding its breath.
The clouds roll off into the distance
to bring havoc to the next town.
But here, the rain is a pure existance;
here, it still falls down.
Droplets form onto flower petals
and fall ever so slowly to the soaked soil below.
Sunshine tries to peek it's way through the trees
and help the tiniest plants grow.
After the rain
there's a musty smell left behind.
You can't help but breath it in.
Inhale the sweet, Earth scent;
let it fill your lungs.
Children peer from half open windows
begging their mother's to go out
and splash in the puddles.
Stray dogs lick the streets
for just a hint of water
before they are off onto another journey.
Oh, after the rain
it's beautiful.
It's so deliciously breathtaking
for any eye to beg to see.
And I am ever so glad
that you got to see it all with me.

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