Flow of Tears

September 21, 2010
Time is a river
So how can a life stop without reasonable motivation
Not dead but certainly not containg a wanted life in that moment
That moment, is not what the person needs, but must have
A cumbersome stop without a beginning, just and end
An end that last
That lasting, is perhaps, the riverbed

Stones are flooded with the water of rivers
Stones tumble, sometimes endlessly
Becoming disoriented with the scheme of the river and water flow
The stones last, past a lifetime and into the next
They travel past realms, realms of the impossible
Then they stop
The lifetime has begun woth no end
Humans tumble, sometimes endlessly

A twig stops and becomes a barrier
The twig is weak in eyes we dont know
But it holds uo
It holds up everything, even things already succeeded
Its not ompossible, but it is past the guilt we live to overcome
Its the twig that starts with no beginning, and ends all there is to end
Perspective isnt a basis, but its what causes the life, of that one twig

Could it be a dame, or quite possibly a mind so hidden behind a life it upholds even the impossible flowing
Its not to know, but we discover it only by the tiniest life form
The life form that isn't a stone nor the twig
It's the misshapen that flowFlow with evolution of only one life, small, but with the power of no barriers.

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