September 23, 2010
lie there with your eyes gazing off
back against the floor you've known forever
thats when you loose yourself;
nothing seems to be elevating towards better
the drop gradually slides off those intent sparkly piercing swords
even though these are your own; you let it fan the fire already going
the rage melting those crystals; over bearing flames showing
you'd give anything to feel nothing
but atleast something better then what is happening
pulls of gravity take that drop streaming down your temple
the bitter-sweet greeting for something so unwelcoming, so ungental
like when the picture perfect clouds sprinkle
you dont see the drops at first
but you can feel that slight wet twinkle
i is a big word
words are suppose to have meaning
before "i" had more meaning then words
now words appear to not be able to describe "i"
oh how me wishes "i" to be able to fly
why is it in everything i wish to be
structured very differently to a new world to see
i guess flying lets me feel
gravity doesnt take effect on me
unlike that drop still streaming down my temple
that i could feel the most but could not see.
so let me be separate from that unwelcoming symbol
and just let me be free
no care or pull of that dreaded gravity.

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