September 23, 2010
By ThatEsotericGirl. GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
ThatEsotericGirl. GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
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He who knows not, &knows not that he knows not, is a fool, shun him; He who knows not, &knows that he knows not, is a child, teach him.He who knows, &knows not that he knows, is asleep, wake him. He who knows, &knows that he knows, is wise, follow him

the syllables on the crease of your rosy lips
the indecency of your brain on the wondering tips
concealed into the over bearing vault
the endless stream of conception dying to consult
tell yourself to let go && breathe
but you dont want that disguised dignity to leave
its like a dam building up at the mountain peaks
when half of you strives to patch up the leaks
the other side is the water cascading against the brick barrier
she didnt realize what that stork had to deliver in the carrier
when you first opened those esoteric brown windows to your soul
ying && yang had already started the blazing flames from coal
continuous fight against the person; death due us part
that duel only occurs for the mind && heart
for the only time the battle is resurrected to the surface
is when the two worlds collide and control is at a miss
never forget the intense bondage between the two
they may never have the strength or courage
to push those craving syllables for me && you

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