Summer Of Death.

September 23, 2010
By amp119 BRONZE, Walled Lake, Michigan
amp119 BRONZE, Walled Lake, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Laughter Isn't Happiness, It's Just Joy Of The Moment." -Me

Summer Oh Nine.
You Would Have Thinked.
It's Gonna Be Fine.
But Then You Blinked.
Saw Many Lives,
Flash Before Your Innocent Little Eyes.
& Before You Knew It,
They Were Gone.
It Was All Tragic,
Except For One.
It Was Her Time.
But For The Rest,
They Were Just Too Young.
People In This World Affected.
Many Hurt.
But What Can We Do.?
Life Is Short.
So Make Every Moment Worth While.
Take It All In & Smile.
'Cause In The End,
When You're Gone,
You'll Still Be Here.

~ ? ~

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