When You Should Have Been Studying...

September 23, 2010
You know it’s wrong,
Yet you do it anyway
Procrastinate and procrastinate,
You waste your time away

Throughout the day,
Excuses upon excuses you make
You’re tired, you’re hungry,
There’s just too much to study!

And you realize you won’t finish
Your false hope starts to diminish
You continue,
But with half the effort you previously used

It’s tiring, it’s aggravating,
It’s boring it’s hopeless!
You look around you,
Books strewn everywhere,
It’s such a mess!

You look at all the gibberish,
And wonder, when did we do this?
But of course, you were asleep that time
Now that all the work has added up,
You’re going to lose your mind!

To relax yourself,
You go outside,
Take a nice walk,
A calming stride

Listen to music
To ease your nerves
Your time gets wasted,
The purpose has been served

And into the late hours of the night,
You’re just about ready
To run and take flight
The portion is too scary,
It makes you go crazy!

And at last,
You retire to your bed
After another fruitless day,
A million pages unread

You toss and turn,
Until a fitful sleep overcomes,
And you send your last prayers,
Hoping God will listen,
But knowing he probably won’t anyway

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Darkness95 said...
Oct. 5, 2010 at 12:48 am
good work...its totally true XD
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