Dear love/Good-bye love

September 17, 2010
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why do you depart from me so soon?

are you gone from the lack of affection i showed?

or maybe....just maybe....

it wasn't me at all?

you wanted the freedom of another persons love,

a free spirit you are,


out going,


and most of all the keeper of my heart,

the one that i wanted to be my forever,

my always, my eternal lover til the end,

but i do not plead for your return in this my good-bye letter,

i plead for your answers to every question that fills my head,

as i lie awake with you and your new lover on the brain,

i...i...envy her in every aspect,

she is a theif in the night,

a Carmon Jones,

a heart breaker,

a home wreaker.....,

but you will find out this soon,

20% is always less than 80%,

whatever sparkles is not gold,

and a hoe can never be turned into a house wife,

but love if you wish to be hers,

drop,shatter, and step on the peices of my heart to the ground in order to catch hers,

i say be my guess,

for love your not welcomed anymore into my duck taped heart,

i wish thee the best of luck Reese and Sumatra,

for love does not hold the weak at heart,

it does not love or care for anyone but its self,

love in this case is you Sumatra for you did not care who you stepped on to get what was not yours,

it only mattered that you wanted it,

you did not care that i was in your way,

and in the end you my friend will be the one in hurt and sorrow,

for just as she left the "love" she had with me she will leave the "love" she has with you,

we are the stepping stones to her future,

because karma is a b****,

and we are itz hoes when we subject ourselves to hurt others because our desire is what they have.

and i just wanted to say:

goodbye lovegoodbye lovecame to say goodbye love, goodbye.

just came to say goodbye love,goodbye love, goodbye love, goodbye love

~Rent, Mimi

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