The pain

September 21, 2010
I lie here on the cold damp floor,
Waiting for the pain that is
filling my body to subside....
I look into the light above me....
Watching as it grows dimmer....
I hear a voice and the police
officer looks down at me, I hear
sirens from an ambulance off into
the distance....
I think of how my body feels like
ice.....When I try to move it feels
like an elephant is sitting on me...I wonder why I am in so much
pain.....I look over and see a pool
of blood....I manage to say "Who's hurt?"
They look at me and tell me that I am......
I give a light shrug and ask them
why they are there....They tell me
that they were there to save my life....
I looked at them and said..."If you wanted to do that, then your to late....."

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