How I See It

September 16, 2010
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My best friend gave me the best advice.
He said each days a gift and not a given right.
But I hate lairs. Forget life, I’m tired of trying.
I still got a lotta pain, I aint dealt with it all.

I'm sitting on my bed, things racing through my mind.
Trying to fix these situations, but I find I cant.
Just trying be like, yeah, forget it, whatever.
Instead of worrying about what I cant change.

Dang, I gotta pull myself together.
Ive been trying and trying to talk to you,
But you don't even understand, so there's no point.
This life is filled with hurt when happiness doesn't work.

Why do I continue to try? I’m still trying to answer that.
I can honestly say, “you obviously don't know me.”
Because I go around with a fake smile everyday.
And you see me everyday, but you believe that smile.

You never get any of the hints I give you.
So nobody can say I haven't tried, cuz I have.
So I go around all day thinking about everything going on.
Then by night I cant stand all the pain I have trapped inside.

Then the people I trust the most and want to talk to
Never seem to be around anymore. I wish I could go back in time
To those days where I didn't feel ignored and people where there.
But unforchantly airplanes aren't shooting stars, and I cant go back in time.
So now this question runs my mind, "What do I do now?"

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MaddieGr This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 1, 2010 at 7:49 pm
You incoorporated songs in it :D It came out really well! 
Comic_Kidd replied...
Oct. 2, 2010 at 5:01 pm
yea, thank you :D
Comic_Kidd said...
Oct. 2, 2010 at 5:03 pm
will I? is that what your asking me? if it is, sure.
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