September 16, 2010
Have you ever felt,
A joy so wonderful,
Only to find it a dream?

I felt this.

The tears came rolling,
Faster than I could control.
Just from the shock,
Of truly being alone.

It felt strange.

To be so affected,
By something that never was?
The mind has its ways,
Of telling your blind heart,
Of what it desires.

I felt anger.

Why did she have to love him?
He who treated her unlike any I had seen.
Why could she not see that what was in front of her?
Me, with a confused heart, who should not been able to love,
After one too many broken hearts.

I felt confused.

I told her about the dream.
She consoled me, but told me we could never be.
My mind accepted this, but my blind heart could not.
And so I held on to a love that could not exist,
And my mind could not believe this fact,
This love I felt, in spite of what came before.

I felt hope.

I told her,”I love you.”
She said, “I can’t love you.”
Can’t. Not won’t. My mind was surprised,
But my heart just chuckled and said,
“I told you so.”
But my mind said,
“Not yet, not yet.”

I felt love.

One day, she looked me in the eye,
The eyes that showed humor and love,
And said, “I love you too.”
My mind went blank, and my heart was beating,
And I leant in and kissed the lips of,
My now and forever,

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DoktorNinja said...
Oct. 5, 2010 at 5:05 pm
If you view this, please comment and criticize, because I would like some feedback, so I can improve my writing.
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