love me dead

September 13, 2010
Two entwined souls
sing a lovely duet-
bond together by simple silver
never breaking like diamonds finest

aging quick -
sitting in our life's finest mist
Starry night-
moon shining its light

you gave me everything i could ask for
my heart is craving-
all of you like the grass craves the morning dew
my dear

times has past
we aren't Immortal lovers
till we pass-
come sit my darling

talk to me a lullaby
sweet and Truthful
till one could dive
into endless clouds of mine

drift with me then
into silky white dreams
hold me Tender lover
whilst i still breath
calling gently
your name so Sweet
wishing softly -
our hearts wouldst meet

i saw you when i was a Child
telling you my heart was wild
true to you i was
my Inamorato

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