Ten Reasons

September 13, 2010
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As I started to walk off
He said give me ten reasons why I should forget about you
I turned around and said becuase I don't know what else to do
Thats only one
If you leave I'll find no one
No one like you I know you think I have no clue
But I believe that our love is true

I said give me ten reasons why I should stay
And he did

Becuase I'll want it no other way
With you I feel special so amazing
You make me want to scream
I'm pretty sure that we'll be together forever
I can't forget the times we spent together
Even if you leave now I'll search for you
Our love is to true to turn your back on
We are like a love song
I can't stand being without you
And ten I love you

And now I lay here staring in the darkness
Looking for an answer
Searching through the blackness .
And somewhere there i see his face4
And I follow that place

I'll give him ten reasons that I should stay
But one is all i have to say
I love him

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