First Day of School

September 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Alarm clock strikes, announcing the first day.
Your belly suddenly churns, like an impoverished child’s .
Butterflies, no, bats are swarming in your little tummy.
Nausea takes over your head.
Your throat is clogged up; like a toilet’s.
Your heart’s jumping out of your chest, incessant, nonstop.
Your teeth constantly chatter, as if your jaw can’t stop.
You try to smile in the mirror, but it’s no use, it’s artificial, nonexistent.
Your knees wobble furiously; as if the wind is to blame.
Your hair is disheveled; like a person without a purpose.
You look no better than Frankenstein at his best.
Your palms begin to sweat, like you’re in a sauna in the middle of Arizona
Your lips are crusted beyond belief, as if you’ve coated sugar on your mouth.
The sand man has paid you a visit. Your crusty eyes will surely confirm this fact.
You see some pimples beginning to sprout from your forehead,
Braces were added to your appearance.
And to top that, you’ve gained ten pounds over the course of the summer.
And, you know people will notice your drastic new appearance because:
The protruding fat of your neck
The cellulite on your beefy thighs
And the blackheads swarmed around your face
Will surely show the signs.
Unwillingly, you begin to cry:
The tears from your eyes were like the waterfalls of the Niagara, an incessant flow of water.
“Honey, you’ll be late for your first day,” your mom yelps from down below.
Oh yeah, I sure can’t wait for this first day of school.

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