R.esting I.n P.assion

September 13, 2010
By MetaphoricallyPainting BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
MetaphoricallyPainting BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Our love is like those last moments before death.

Our prides bow down to vulnerability
and we succumb to our lusting weakness.
Soon our backs meet the bed,
assuming positions as if I was the one you wed.

Your lips touch mine as we intertwine,
embracing a passionate moment shared between you and I.
But I can’t help but wonder if she ever crosses your mind.

Then I’m distracted as my body shakes violently
and I see a dim white light coming towards me.
My soul begs to be released
and you selfishly continue to cling on to me.

Your deep thrusts penetrate my love,
silently saying those three words;
that eight letter-long phrase that keeps me coming back.
I smile knowing the true meaning behind your silent act.

Your love is all mines, for the moment, at least.
Until we reach our peak.
Our moment is now over.
It’s time to depart from you, lover.

Though I grasp on to you as if it will stop what’s happening,
I know you have to return to your girlfriend and public happiness.
It’s just hard to realize that I am a product of Infidelity.
And so is the Innocence attempting to grow inside my belly.

But that’s irrelevant
for you can’t stop what’s destined.
Oblivious to my grievance,
you peck my lips before leaving.

Now I’m defenseless
in a world of loneliness.
And I escape by slipping into unconsciousness.

Now I wonder if you’ll even remember me…

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