Take This Advice

August 21, 2010
By , Franklin, KY
You may never meet me
And you may never hear my voice
You may never talk to me
But there is one thing you need to know
I have been there, there in your shoes
The shoes of loss, of hopelessness
The feeling that you’ll never be happy again
I’ve been there,
More times than necessary
So I’m not just saying it
I really mean it, and I’m still there
I don’t feel that happiness one should feel
When you play in the warm sunshine
Of a mid-summer’s day,
Or when you spend time with friends
You haven’t seen in a very long time
Or when you get a great grade on a test
You studied so hard for
I don’t feel the happiness
An eighteen year old should feel
I feel apathetic and out of place with the world
So don’t think you’re alone
And don’t think there’s no way out
If you help me, I’ll help you
So you may never meet me
And you may never here my voice
But take my hand
And we’ll fight this battle together

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