Sticks and Stones

August 20, 2010
“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”
Who says that words can’t hurt as much as getting rocks thrown at you?
Who says that words can’t hurt as much as being stabbed with sticks?
In my experience, words hurt even more.

I would much rather take a rock to the face then be told I’m fat, or I’m ugly.
Physical wounds like that, they go away. They fade.
But being called names? Those sayings, they never go away.
If you are told your fat, you spend weeks, months, worrying about your image.
What do other people think of me?
If this person thinks that, then surely others do, right?

Words are like swords cutting through you inch by inch until you can’t take it anymore.
You give up.
You stop fighting against the pain, and you start believing everything they say.
You start to feel what the aggressor intends for you to feel:
Hurt. Embarrassment. Suffering. Pain. Sadness.
Sticks and stones, they don’t even compare
They can’t compare to the pain you feel mentally.
People identify the bruises that come from getting hit with a rock, or stabbed with a stick.
But the bruises you get from words?
It could take weeks, months, even years for someone to see the bruises words make.
Even then, it takes even longer for you to heal.

So, I have personally come to the conclusion that even though sticks and stones
They could break my bones.
But words, words hurt me more now than ever.

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