Shiny Black Ribbon

August 19, 2010
By Anonymous

maybe she thought she was superhero

when she jumped off that bridge
she was probably just confused
thought she could fly
but couldn’t

maybe she got too hot
needed to go in for a dip
before she boiled over
and cooked herself

maybe she was being chased
by monsters that no one else saw
it was her last and only chance
to get away

maybe she thought she saw
something magic
floating in the water
needed to get a better view
over the tops of the bars

maybe she needed quiet
the peace that water brings
she was very tired

Mom puts me in a bath
before bed too

maybe she forgot me
I’m her little sister

I am not going to forget her
And all those times
she braided my hair
tied it up with bows
shiny black ribbon

She told me
Big sisters protect their Little sisters
and would always be there
Even if the Little sister
Couldn’t see her

So, I know
She’s here with me now
Protecting me from whatever
she was running from

The author's comments:
this was a piece that pretty much came out of the blue and then grew into something i thought was worth writing about.

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