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September 11, 2010
By andrewbr PLATINUM, Reno, Nevada
andrewbr PLATINUM, Reno, Nevada
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Favorite Quote:
"ive been holding my ground so long that i cant lift my arms". -Andrew Betts-Randolph

When you look at me
You see through me
You believe in me
you took the breath out of me

im a man now
Cause i can stand me now
I was piece im whole now
Its you i wish was here now

Im not falling for you
Im standing with you
Im surrounded when im with you
Im stranded without you

Time pauses for us
So everyone can catch up with us
In the gallery they envy us
On the stage they live with us

Time for a new rhyme scheme
Nothing to extreme
No need for a plumber for this pipe dream
She has me on that balance beam

She holds my hand
And it keeps me on solid ground
My soldiers are under her comand
Heres my thought let me expand

Take an individual
Now he could be a criminal
His actions inexplicable
His testimony inadmissable

But he has passion
Which is a little out of fashion
But every thing he does is out of compassion
He claims no faction

He fell off the high road
He had a gun no reload
His patience did erode
He was destined to explode

Then she came along
When he was on his swan song
His past life said good bye so long
And he knows nothing can go wrong

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